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    Our award winning artists are often told about an inspiration and can draw it free hand.
Iron Palm Tattoo Studio is a urban tattoo & peircing shop in the heart of Downtown, Atlanta.

All of our artists are highly knowledgeable, skilled, courteous, and accommodating. We pride ourselves on providing the best tattoo and piercing experience in Atlanta



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Feedback from our customers


I love this place. Dame did my tattoo and it was quick & easy. The customer service is great and the whole experience was nice overall.Isis Johnson


This place is fantastic and the artists are extremely talented. Great vibes in the parlor, and JR is amazing. My friend and I came in around 6 months ago, got some small pieces, and now we make sure to go back whenever we want some new ink. JR spends time making sure everything looks great and for a fair price. Make sure you take a look at his portfolio when you go in. You will be impressed.Lauren Blastow


Family is all I can say! That’s how they treat you. Never a dull moment! Artwork is amazing got my first tattoo done there Marlon was great!! The whole staff is amazing and quite inviting!!! Love the atmosphere!! I recommend to anyone! Arielle Taylor

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