A Diverse Body Art Studio For A Diverse Community

Preferred by the student body and those residing in the Georgia Institute of Technology (GA Tech) community, Iron Palm Tattoos & Body Piercing reigns supreme among other body art studios. Located just a few minutes’ drive from campus, Iron Palm Tattoos is easily accessible by MARTA, catering to the diverse and vibrant international community of GA Tech.

Just minutes from the heart of Midtown Atlanta, Iron Palm Tattoos stands as a beacon of artistic excellence and has become a cultural landmark amidst iconic sites like the Georgia Aquarium and Centennial Olympic Park. Iron Palm’s proximity to landmark destinations underscores its role in the GA Tech community. There are more than a thousand outstanding reviews from students, faculty, and residents alike.

A World Record Tattoo & Body Piercing Studio

With a Guinness World Record under its belt for the “Largest Tattoo in the World” in June of 2023, Iron Palm Tattoos has garnered acclaim for its creative milestone. Iron Palm has reputation as a pioneer in body arts attracting clients from the world seeking appointments with its artists.

The Best Multi-style Tattoo Artists

The multi-style tattoo shop has been a compliment to the diverse GA Tech neighborhoods. Iron Palm Tattoos offers a myriad of tattoo styles, including traditional, neo-traditional, traditional, realism, abstract, Japanese, illustrative, watercolor, geometric, blackwork, and fine line. This ensures that each client finds a body artist and tattoo style that resonates with their aesthetic preferences.

The Best Body Piercing Near GA Tech

In addition to tattooing, Iron Palm Tattoos provides a range of body piercing services, including ear, nose, belly button, helix, surface, oral, industrial, nipple, eyebrow, and genital piercings. To enhance the piercing experience, Iron Palm offers free jewelry with each piercing service. Iron Palm clients leave with expertly executed piercings but also with stylish and high-quality accessories.

The Most Convenient Body Art Studio In Atlanta

To further accommodate the GA Tech community, Iron Palm Tattoos offers convenient business hours from 1 PM to 2 AM Tuesday through Saturday. Additionally, the studio features a female tattoo artist on staff.. With operating hours from 2 PM to 12 AM on Sundays and being closed on Mondays except for appointments the tattoo parlor has the flexibility to suit almost any schedule.

A No Pressure Tattoo & Piercing Atmosphere

Iron Palm Tattoos prioritizes customer satisfaction by offering free body art consultations that take mere minutes to complete. This allows clients to discuss their ideas with expert artists, receive personalized advice, and obtain accurate pricing information. The studio maintains a no-pressure environment by empowering clients to make informed decisions at their own pace.

No Appointment Needed

Welcoming walk-ins, Iron Palm Tattoos ensures accessibility for spontaneous decisions or last-minute inspirations. While appointments are not necessary, they are available for clients who wish to secure a specific artist. Additionally, Iron Palm Tattoos frequently offers tattoo and body piercing specials to reward its loyal customers and attract new ones.