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Swallow Bird Flying Black & Gray With Red Color Tattoo By Rene Cristobal. Swallow tattoos are a popular US Navy tradition. Each swallow represents 3500 miles traveled by sea. Iron Palm is Atlanta's only late night tattoo shop. Call 404-973-7828 or stop by for a free consultation. Walk ins are welcome.
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The Best Tattoo & Body Piercing Shop Serving Decatur, Georgia

Iron Palm Tattoos & Body Piercing stands is one of Georgia’s most prominent tattoo shops in the realm of body art. With a commitment to excellence, a passion for self-expression, and one Guiness World record for the largest tattoo in the world Iron Palm has became the destination for tattoo and piercing enthusiasts in the Decatur area. They could be the best tattoo artists in Decatur.

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Robert Powell as Jesus Christ in 'Jesus of Nazareth' Photo Realism portrait tattoo interpreted and inked by tattoo artist Terrance Sawyer at Iron Palm Tattoos in south downtown Atlanta, GA. Call 404-973-7828 or stop by for a free consultation.
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The Best Tattoo Shop Near Buckhead Atlanta, Georgia. 

Iron Palm Tattoos is more than just a tattoo shop; it’s a haven for those seeking to express their individuality through the beautiful art of tattooing. Nestled in the heart of Atlanta, this studio is a hub of creativity where skilled artists turn your visions into captivating pieces of body art.

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