Built beside the student community of the Atlanta University Center (AUC), Iron Palm Tattoos & Body Piercing is the best-rated and reviewed body art shop in the city. For more than 10 years Iron Palm has been serving the AUC’s Clark Atlanta University, Spelman College, Morehouse College, and the Morehouse School of Medicine. The tattoo parlour’s commitment to art extends beyond conventional boundaries, as evidenced by their Guinness World Record for creating the “Largest Tattoo in the World”.

Who Is Iron Palm Tattoos & Body Piercings?

Catering largely to the image conscious demographic of college students and residents in the AUC, Iron Palm Tattoos has become a cultural hub for body art enthusiasts. The studio boasts a diverse array of tattoo styles. These range from fine line tattoos and american traditional to, lettering, tribal, surrealism, and watercolor tattoos. Being proficient in multiple styles appeals to the varied tastes of the college community.

When body piercing, Iron Palm Tattoos offers an wide range of services, including ear, nose, lip, belly button, surface, and oral piercings, nipple, and/or genital piercings are performed by a master piercing in the privacy of our piercing room. Iron Palm the includes free jewelry with every body piercing service to ensuring clients not only receive expertly executed piercings but also leave with stylish and quality body jewelry.

To enhance the client experience, Iron Palm Tattoos provides free consultations that take mere minutes to complete. This allows clients to discuss their ideas with the artists and receive personalized advice with reasonable pricing tailored to their vision. The studio maintains a no-pressure environment, enabling clients to make decisions at their own pace.

Tattoos & Piercings At Your Convenience.

Iron Palm Tattoos understands the dynamic schedules of college students, and, as a response, offers convenient business hours from 1 PM to 2 AM. This flexibility is best for the AUC community, allowing them access to tattoo and body piercing services outside traditional working hours.

Welcoming walk-ins, Iron Palm Tattoos ensures accessibility for spontaneous decisions or last-minute inspirations. While appointments are not necessary they are available for clients who wish to book a specific body artist. This combination of convenience, innovation, and art establishes Iron Palm Tattoos as the destination for the AUC residents and students seeking tattoo and body piercing experiences.