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Come and celebrate Friday the 13th with Atlanta’s #1 reviewed Tattoo Shop.  This time around we decided to take Friday the 13th to another level. Not only do we have some dope mini flash  available ($50), we also have bigger and more detailed designs for $130. These custom palm size flash designs were done by Sketch and JR Outlaw. Sketch is the master of gore and horror and JR is a master of death himself. Thes designs are only a few of many w

e has available for Friday the 13th. All exotic piercings are 1/2 off too. Get here early!!!!

Zeus Tattoo by JR Outlaw At Atlanta's Iron Palm Tattoos 404-973-7828

Outlaw designed and inked this greek mythology Zeus tattoo for a very satisfied customer. Being our top tattoo artist Outlaw is frequently sought and requested by Iron Palm’s customers. The Atlanta, GA artist’s portraits are famed for their realism and detail. His line work of the best in georgia and his skill with shading and coloring tattoos. Almost any image or artistic inspiration can be recreated accurately. If you’re interested you can find Outlaw at Iron Palm Tattoos & Body piercing in the evenings. His rate is $150 per hour. If you are ready to ink an inspiration or if you are curious about the tattoo process call us at 404-973-7828. You can even come on in. Consultations are free and we love walk-ins.

Booking an Appointment with Outlaw:

TIP: To send Outlaw ideas of the artwork you would like done email with your name, number, an attached example of the work you want done, and a brief description of your inspiration as you see it. We’re open 7 days a week. Monday through Thursday 1:00 PM to 2:00 AM. Friday through Saturday we are here from 1:00 PM through 3:00 AM. Outlaw is present at the tattoo shop everyday after 5:00 PM.