Compatible with threadless labret shafts, these threadless tops are designed to fit securely into your post of choice. Call 404-973-7828

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Illuminate your style with Tilum body jewelry. All Tilum body jewelry is made from top-quality titanium or 14kt gold. Each high-polish, hypoallergenic piece is designed to make your self-expression shine. You’ll find Tilum accessories for any piercing and any style.

Compatible with threadless labret shafts, these threadless tops are designed to fit securely into your post of choice; they are easily changed out and replaced so you can vary up your look with ease.

The Royal Jewel Burst Titanium Threadless Top makes for a spectacular and colorful jeweled look in your cartilage, nostril, or more. This piece features a jeweled design, with one black jewel surmounted by three vibrant orange jewels with micron beading. The piece is also made of high-quality titanium and, for a small fee, it can be anodized to one of 26 vibrant color options at our PainfulPleasures facilities in Hanover, MD.

Technical Specifications:

Material: Titanium 6Al-4V-Eli ASTM F-136
Works with threadless labrets that have a 0.5mm hole
Top Size: 12mm x 9mm
Pin Thickness: 0.45mm
Pin Length: 4.5mm
Threadless style
Manufactured by Tilum
Price per one top only
How to Use Threadless Jewelry:
Threadless jewelry uses tension between the end and the shaft to fit and stay together. The end has an insertion pin which is slightly bent when inserted into a straight shaft. This slight bend of the pin against the straight shaft creates a spring tension, holding the end securely in place. Follow the instructions below to secure the threadless end into the threadless shaft (please view the image gallery for a diagram on how to use threadless jewelry).

Insert the pin one-third to halfway into the shaft.
Hand-bend slightly the insertion pin against the shaft, as shown in the gallery of images.
Push the end into the shaft and test the fit.
Adjusting the Fit: If it is too tight, take some of the bend out of the pin and try again. Remember, adjust slightly and then try again.

Compatible Jewelry:
Universal Threadless Labret Studs
Universal Threadless Straight Barbell Shafts
Universal Threadless Bent Barbell Shafts

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