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Nipple Piercings
Diamond Piercing 1 By MOB of Iron Palm Tattoo 404-973-7828

Though it looks like many this nipple piercing is actually just one piece. MOB treated this happy customer with care, finished in a few minutes, and couldn’t wait to take pictures to add to our catalog of documented work. Some piercings start at $25 after midnight. Contact us at 404-973-7828 for consultation or walk in to Iron Palm Tattoos at 249 Trinity Avenue SW, Atlanta, GA 30303.

At The Shop Iron Palm Tattoos 12- Atlanta 404-973-7828

Iron Palm is Atlanta’s only late night Tattoo parlor. Our Tattoo and Piercing customers always come back whether for piercings or or tats… Our customers are happy with the level of service they receive from our artists. If you have an idea or inspiration come see us. Getting your tattoo is a process. Not every customer has the final idea of what art they want applied. Our patient and experienced tattoo artists can help guide you in the right direction.

Contact us today via 404-973-7828. 249 Trinity Avenue, Atlanta GA 30303 1PM – 2AM daily.